Steamer UNITS

Two steamers unit are available in LEFH for fresh FCC catalyst deactivation. Except for steaming the units can be used and as calcination units for the evaluation of equilibrium FCC catalysts. Each unit consists of a quartz fluid bed reactor heated by a 3-zone furnace. Temperature control is achieved with measurements from thermocouple in the catalyst bed. The dimensions of the one steamer are 75cm height and 6cm diameter and accepts 150g of fresh catalyst. The second steamer accepts 3-5 Kg of catalyst. The usage of each unit depends on the forthcoming step for catalyst evaluation (MAT or FCC pilot plant respectively). The fluidization stream is steam and the temperature 1450oF, when the unit is used as a steamer. During the calcination procedure the fluidization stream is air and the temperature applied in the unit is 1005oF. The units are fully automated and steaming or calcination can be terminated after a desired period of time.