In general the Laboratory's research activities fall into the following areas:

Biomass: Thermochemical conversion for producing fuels and chemicals . The production of bio-fuels and organic chemicals from biomass are the targets of the research carried out in the laboratory. The conversion of biomass to these products is studied using new or commercial catalysts and novel reaction systems (i.e circulating fluid bed biomass conversion unit).

Major accomplishments:

•  Development of a circulated pilot plant reactor for converting biomass to improved quality liquids in the presence of catalysts

•  Development of a separation technique for phenol production from bio-oil

•  Synthesis of new MCM-41 and zeolitic catalysts suitable for biomass catalytic pyrolysis

•  Use of bio-oil as fuel in diesel engines. 40% substitution of petroleum phenols with catalytic bio-oil for the production of Phenol-Formaldehyde (PF) synthetic resins

•  Application of diesel and biodiesel blend in diesel cars and in stationary engines. Distribution and acceptance of the biodiesel in Greek fuel market

•  Development of a hydrocracking process using best available commercial hydrocracking catalysts for maximum diesel production from biomass F-T wax upgrading. Production of 600 lit F-T diesel with this catalyst for engine tests

•  Synthesis and characterization of new catalysts for upgrading BTL wax via catalytic cracking process. Selection of the best commercial catalyst for this upgrading. Development of a new catalytic cracking wax upgrading process scheme