In general the Laboratory's research activities fall into the following areas:

Natural gas conversion to syngas and Hydrogen. The production of synthesis gas by the catalytic partial oxidation of methane and/or liquid fuels has widely been investigated in CPERI. For this purpose a series of bench scale and pilot plant incorporating a novel type reactor (spouted bed) has been constructed.

Syn-Gas and Olefins laboratory

Major accomplishments:

•  Construction and operation of a pilot scale unit for the production of syngas and hydrogen via reforming/partial oxidation of natural gas using a fixed and/or spouted fluid bed reactor

•  Development of mathematical codes for modeling the spouted bed reactor performance

•  Design of a 1-10kW el power generator, which incorporates the methanol processor, the PEM-fuel cell and the power management subsystem, and will be able to provide electricity with the required specifications for the target applications

•  Development of novel catalysts with various formulations and promising performance for reforming of natural gas and bio-oils