In general the Laboratory's research activities fall into the following areas:

Production of clean fuels.
Main emphasis is given in the production of environmental friendly fuels. Especially this concerns the FCC gasoline and the hydrogenated petroleum fractions. Based on a novel FCC pilot plant, technology was developed which predicts the composition of FCC gasoline from the FCC operating variables, type of feedstock and type of catalyst. Emphasis is given on the production of novel fuels with high hydrogen content.

Natural gas conversion to syngas and Hydrogen.
The production of synthesis gas by the catalytic partial oxidation of methane and/or liquid fuels has widely been investigated in CPERI. For this purpose a series of bench scale and pilot plant incorporating a novel type reactor (spouted bed) has been constructed.

Thermochemical conversion for producing fuels and chemicals . The production of bio-fuels and organic chemicals from biomass are the targets of the research carried out in the laboratory. The conversion of biomass to these products is studied using new or commercial catalysts and novel reaction systems (i.e circulating fluid bed biomass conversion unit).

Environmental technologies of gaseous pollutants(DESOx-DENOx).
The cleanup of flue gases from toxic species is studied using either the sorption or the catalytic reduction of pollutants such as SOx and NOx. Catalysts are synthesized, characterized are evaluated in CPERI reaction units. Kinetic data and mechanistic studies are carried out in bench-scale experiments and the catalytic activity under realistic conditions is measured in pilot plant-scale.