Petroleum and natural gas are critical to the world economy, providing transportation and heating fuels and raw materials for the chemical industry. However, major concern for the environment, governmental regulations and higher consumer expectations for clean fuels make research and development necessary to meet the above challenges. Refineries for the future will integrate state of the art technology (separations, catalysts, sensors and control, biotechnology) to provide a wider range of products from crude of variable quality as well as non-conventional feedstocks. In addition, new sources of energy for transportation (biofuels, hydrogen for fuel cell for cars) will demand development of new technologies.

The laboratory of Environmental Fuels and Hydrocarbons (LEFH), is one of the key labs of Chemical Process and Energy Resources Institute (CPERI) and it carries out applied research in the following areas :

•  Production of clean fossil fuels
•  Natural gas conversion to syngas and hydrogen
•  Biomass thermo-chemical conversion for producing fuels and chemicals
•  Environmental technologies of gaseous pollutants (DESOx-DENOx)

Since its establishment (1985) the Laboratory has participated in numerous competitive European and national research projects and has developed unique infrastructure, at European level, and technology in the following areas:
•  Unique infrastructure at European level in the area of applied catalysis including bench scale units, pilot plants and IT extranet facilities
•  Development of novel reactor systems and unique technology resulting in the accurate commercial prediction of catalyst deactivation and yield selectivity of catalysts for FCC and HDS refining processes
•  Synthesis, production, and commercial application of a new additive which reduces the NOx emissions from FCC unit regenerators by 74%.
•  Biooil production through biomass catalytic and conventional pyrolysis
• Hydrocracking process using best available commercial hydrocracking catalysts for maximum diesel production from biomass F-T wax upgrading.
• Catalyst evaluation technology for two important refinery processes :
- Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC)
- Hydrodesulfurization (HDS)

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